Friday, 16 September 2011

Does a life changing event change your personality, if so how?

say losing a loved one specifically someone you thought loved you only to find out not only was it wrong to love that person but that person don't love you. Sort of like realizing your whole life was a lie..? this happened to my best friend and she seems so much hyper now and boom her grades have improved?!?!? she used to be laid back and stuff with not so good grades...
Does a life changing event change your personality, if so how?
sometimes it does change your personality forever or maybe, just for that period of time when sulking or whatever.

i remembered when i was really depressed because i liked this guy A LOT and he didnt give 1 penny into me. i didnt do what i shouldve in school. i didnt eat well. i barely got sleep. i became a mute-child for a while. everyone knew something was wrong with me. but then i got over my depression and became stronger. mistakes make you stronger. and my mistake was loving the wrong person.

your friend will do the same. she'll hurt really bad now but life is not over. don't forget about that. ;)
Does a life changing event change your personality, if so how?
yeah, i believe it does, my dad recently passed away and i think i look at the whole way of life differently and how things are. And if i do something will it affect me. Anything can happen and now i feel like i live ever moment like there is not another day!
Your friend probably went through a lot of sadness and anger after finding out what she did. An experience like that would definitely make someone wish to leave their old self behind and pursue a better future for themselves. That could explain why she has suddenly become more active and studious. It is good to be hurt sometimes. It could change you for the better. Support your friend and her new choice of lifestyle.
Heres one of my examples...a few years ago my family used to have money. We would be buying and building houses, purchasing luxury cars, buying whatever and I'm living in the basement of my own house, the bank has taken our cars away and it caused me stressed and up untill about a week ago all I could think about was that in order to be happy I needed to have my big house again and newer cars and my lil luxury dreams. I ignored what I had in front of me. A great boyfriend and my little boy. Now something terrible has happened to my boyfriend and the thought of losing him and my our family being broken apart hurts. ALOT. Before I thought these material things could make me happy, but all the luxuries in the world couldn't compare to the happiness and contentment that I feel when I'm with my boyfriend and have our family. I could care less for material things now all I want is my family and I'm definately more grateful now for what I do have then what I don't.
depends on the details